What I do

My name is Siavash abed and I was born in 1984. I graduated from Iran’s universities with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a professional degree in Interior Architecture from ITD college of Vancouver, Canada. I have been working as self-employment since 2010 in Interior Design. In my resume, I have done many projects including residential, administrative and medical buildings. My projects are divided into two broad categories: Reconstruction and Renovation. My most responsibilities are Designing, Supervising projects and selecting materials. It is worth mentioning that most designs are in Modern, Minimal and Classical style.

How I do it

At the start of each project, this question is always asked that for whom and for what purpose the intended space should be designed. This will be accomplished by holding one or two meetings with the client and seeking for their views and opinions as well as doing a series of research the so-called initial design stage of the project will be done, which is the Phase Zero.

In the next stage, We enter the next phase (Phase one) which includes the design and the delivery of concept designs. After confirmation of the preliminary design, the technical stage (Phase two) is provided which includes details of the implementation with the full cost estimate. Afterword the project will enter the stage of construction and execution. Under the designer’s supervision based on the scheduled plans and finalized designs will be executed accordingly.


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Interior Design

We can define the interior designer like this: interior design is an art or an interior design process which often includes the exterior spaces of a room or a building and an interior designer is a person who manages such projects. Interior design is a multi-dimensional profession that includes conceptual development, communication with the investors and managing the project.
A professional designer can create a safe, healthy and comfortable environment by studying, researching and presenting creative solutions.
The most important part of the profession of an interior designer is having the art of understanding the behavior of people to create creative applied spaces within the structures that interior designers have designed.
Interior designers have difficult responsibilities such as: organizing the space regarding its function, ensuring that the projects match with the building’s design and safety issues and even an appropriate design for acoustic and sound transmissions. An interior designer is also responsible for selecting and arrangements of home appliances and furniture, painting, lighting and other related items but note that this is just one of the responsibilities of an interior designer. In fact, interior designing is a part of the interior architecture and decor, without dominating one on the other. The interior design actually also is some kind of internal architecture and it’s not related to decorative elements.